Special Occasions:
Benjamin's Trip to Arizona

Along with a group of 10 kids and three chaperones, we embarked on a mission trip to remote Klagetoh, Arizona,
from October the 11 - 16 of October as part of St. Anne's Mission.
Brother Charles, Brother David and Sister Monica run the Mission. This part of Arizona is on a Navajo reservation and is relatively impoverished.
We were tasked with engaging in certain acts of service to the Navajo and mission throughout the trip. I was able to help replace and retire a US vets flag at the veterans cemetery, help paint the chapel windows, construct a pathway for an elderly Navajo couple, help clean the misson grounds, and help clean the sheep pens of an elderly Navajo woman. It was through these events that I grew lasting friendships and bonds with some of the nicest people I've met, the Navajo were so welcoming.
The nature, serenity and beauty of the place was breathtaking and life changing, it is encompassed in the Navajo word Hozho,
 meaning peace, beauty harmony and balance.
 Everyday we ate in a Navajo building known as a Hogan, a sacred place of communal gathering in the Navajo culture.
The trip was truly life changing and opened my eyes to a simplistic, beautiful world beyond the sight of so many, a true treasure.
I was also able to visit different landmarks and attractions such as Window Rock (capital of Navajo nation) and the Navajo History Museum.

Celebrating Mount Saint Charles Academy Homecoming
Friday October 20 2023

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